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Ezugi is a next-generation live dealer casino platform that adds a layer of interactivity to the video broadcast, creating a fun and engaging environment for users, while enhancing monetization opportunities for operators.

Our products truly bridge the online-offline casino worlds by offering land based casinos as well as online operators the ability to leverage new markets, expand their customer reach, and increase their profits.

At its core our technology is a highly sophisticated engine that provides all the components for a live gaming operation.

Our application architecture utilizes an assembly of proprietary systems, software, and communication technology that together make for the most advanced and unique gaming system of its kind. Whether your distribution destination is a player across the world, or just across your gaming floor, our robust platform can support your requirements.

We're led by people who bring both online and land based industry expertise. And most importantly we strive to assist our clients with providing their players the most realistic gaming experience through a commitment to excellence, continued R&D, and consumer satisfaction.

Key features include


Knowing that content is king, our platform enables operators to seemly integrate their own content to appear on the user screen using their content or ours, the players can keep playing while waiting for the cards to show up and every min is maximized to drive revenues.


Our platform has embedded social features where players can invite their friends to join and play with a simple click of a button. With our Facebook chat players can chat with their own friends and not only room players. With our Twitter feature players can announce and let everyone know they are winning every time. This turns the operators' strategy viral and makes it's marketing manager's life easier.

Cross platform

One of our clients in base don HTML5 which means players can use it on Mobile and Tablets. We will be the only provider offering a cross platform use for the live dealer product.


Our game buttons are all tracked, monitored and analyzed. Operators can fully utilize the interactive patterns of viewers and use this precise information to provide new and innovative monetization channels.

Ezugi has revolutionized the live dealer casino industry making live casino games more exciting and engaging by supplying real time tailored content allowing maximum retention and monetization of users.

Unlike traditional live dealer casinos, Ezugi offers an exciting real-time social and gaming experience that will keep users engaged without leaving the table.

Based on both Flash and HTML5, Ezugi runs on any SmartTV or tablet device, while supporting a variety of branding customizations for operators and white label entrepeneurs.

Adding a layer of interactivity to online video - Ezugi is the ultimate solution for live dealer casino engagement, interaction and monetization.

  • Engage viewers in real time

    With polls, games, promos and alike, via a real time authoring tool.

  • Push sponsorship and branding

    Messages on screen in real time.

  • Monitor and react

    To viewers actions in real time.

  • Add multiple interactive elements

    At any position on the screen at any timestamp.

  • Monetize

    Via commerce Vidgets, sponsored Vidgets, branded Vidgets and more.

  • Analyze and optimize

    View patterns.