Ezugi Retail

The Ezugi Retail solution provides your players with the opportunity to play lottery-style games in a live betting shop environment, an alternative to betting on their computers or phones. This creates an opportunity for players to share in the excitement and thrill of betting alongside other players and watching in real-time during gameplay.


Ezugi retail games, which include high-frequency live lottery draws, are streamed in real-time to large on-premise screens and linked to cashier and bet ticket systems.


Our full suite of turnkey solutions for betting shop operators include:


  • Easy-to-use cashier interface
  • TV screens with display of the draws and payouts
  • Administration systems


As each betting shop solution can vary from one to the next, the system is fully customizable to support the various features that are required for the betting shop.


We currently offer five games for betting shops:


  • Keno
  • Bet on Number
  • Bet on Roulette
  • Golden Balls
  • Dream Catcher