Blackjack Bet Behind

Ezugi offers players a few different options-including Bet Behind, when the classic Blackjack tables are full, including Bet Behind, Unlimited Blackjack and Hybrid. Our Bet Behind offering allows players to bet along with a seated player on the same card hand, meaning decisions made by the seated player apply to the Bet Behind player as well.
• An unlimited number of players
• Accommodates players who want to play but arrive to a full table
• Seated players can bet behind others as well
• Additional thrill for seated players to have others betting behind them

Available on select Blackjack tables, Bet Behind offers the following options to players:
• Allow players to bet behind you
• Double behind a player that doubles
• Split behind a player that splits, or remain only with the right hand
• Purchase insurance with a player that purchases or decline to purchase


  • Multi-player (up to 7)
  • Ability to play multiple games at once (shown as picture-in-picture)
  • Live chat
  • Player engagement & share/invite tools
  • Live support chat
  • Fully customizable limits & chips
  • Dealer tipping


Desktop works with the Flash version of Client.
Mobile devices use the HTML5 version.

Integration Info

Bet Behind is available for the following Blackjack tables:
LATAM Studio: 5 tables
Baltic VIP Studio: 2 tables
Eastern Europe Public Studio: 5 tables
A seat ID indication postfix is used for the Bet Behind seats, e.g. “s1-BB” for an original seat and “s1-2-BB” for a split seat.
Please Note: In order to enable the Bet Behind feature, please contact our Integration team. They will gladly assist you with all the necessary tests.

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